Product Review: Pop N Sit

The pictures used in this post belong to me. I have taken them myself. I know they aren’t the best pictures, so please bear with me.

Lately, my little one has been moving around more and more. It’s very hard to contain him. Now that he’s eating solids, it’s, even more, a challenge to keep him still. It’s even harder when we go out in public or to a friend’s house.

Just think about trying to feed an infant in one hand and eat with the other. It’s a nightmare, for you at least.

So, my husband found this neat little contraption on Amazon that looked like a fold up beach chair but only really small for an infant. How cute is that?! It came with a detachable tray and seat belt straps!

Don’t you just love Amazon?!? We usually buy a lot of our things on Amazon because it’s convenient and usually have good prices! Also, we are Amazon Prime members which are great for the free 2-day shipping for qualifying items!


I didn’t know how much I would really like the thing until I tried it out. It came within 2 days (Thanks, Amazon Prime!). And it didn’t take much assembly to put it together. Just unfold the chair and slide the tray on until it clicks! That’s it!
My 7 month old seemed to love it! I think it was because he felt like a big boy! He can finally sit at a table like his big brother. And it made feeding so much easier for me! Still messy but easier!20170805_195856

I love so much that it’s portable and fits in a compact carrying bag. I can take it anywhere! It straps to the back of a regular adult chair so it acts as a carry-along highchair. It’s built with the same material as the big adult ones and it’s pretty sturdy and durable.

My only con about this product is the seat belt straps. They are hard to unclasp. I guess I’m not used to them yet.

I’m completely satisfied with this product and I would highly recommend to anyone especially if they are on the go a lot! And for the price, it’s worth the buy!