Food fetish: Juliana’s crepes and coffee

It’s no secret that I am always looking for an awesome new place to get some delicious food. I’m even more so always on the look out for a great cup of java! Which brings no surprise why I stumbled upon this little gem. On a humid rainy day, I drove around the streets of Inman park looking for coffee to fight off a bad case of the sleepies. My 3-year-old was with grandma, so it was just my 7 months old and I. After driving past the great Krog Street market, I saw what appeared to be a red and white sign nestled in between two branches. It looked like a small intimate building with a small bistro table & two chairs. The sign read “Juliana’s crepes and coffee”. What could be better than something sweet? I parked on the side of the street and carried my son along the uneven cobblestone sidewalk. When I entered the building I was greeted by a nice young 20 something gentleman letting me know they close at 4. (It was 3:50 pm. Oops) I was going to leave at first but decided to buy something so I’m not wasting this guys time. I honestly never had a real crepe before so this was kind of exciting. I asked what the favorites of most were. Apparently, everyone loves Nutella. I ended up going with the Apple caramel crepe and omg was it delicious!! It had fresh sliced granny smith apples stuffed inside a thin crisp crepe smothered in caramel, dusted with powdered sugar, hot off the skillet. Something so simple yet flavorful. I live for flavor! For the size and price, I would say it was well worth it. I ordered my crepe to-go since the guy was trying to close up shop. As far as in coffee, they only had one option and one blend of coffee. Regular old drip coffee courtesy of Dancing Goats coffee. (I’ll be going there soon.)

The atmosphere of this little eclectic joint was like most local coffee houses- quite, quaint & cozy, which I love. I could tell by the concrete floors, stone walls, and the old furniture that it was an old building which adds to its charm. I would say it’s somewhat kid friendly. I didn’t see any high chairs or anything there to keep kids occupied but for an early dessert or brunch kind of thing, I would recommend. Might make a cute date place. They also sold local jams or preservatives on the shelves on the walls. I thought that was nice. With a very limited menu of just specialty crepes, tea, and coffee, you’ll basically go there for just crepes. I highly recommend trying this place! Parking isn’t the best (side street parking) but great for in and out a quick bite. It’s local and I’m all about supporting local business. I think it would be a great place for travelers as well because it’s in the midst of one of Atlanta’s oldest and historic neighborhoods.

If you live in or around Atlanta, try to stop by. If you’re visiting, make a trip there. You won’t be sorry.

775 Lake Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Stuffed Peppers

Hi there! Today’s food fetish is an old favorite of my mother-in-law.  Who wouldn’t love it? Unless…you don’t like peppers. Then that would be a problem.

But you do like peppers or else you wouldn’t be reading this!

This is actually my first time making this and it turned out fairly well if I should say so myself. I’m quite proud.


I’m not going to drag this out and go on and on about this. So, let’s get to it!

Things you will need for this!

  • 4 bell peppers. (green, red, yellow, whatever!)
  • Ground turkey meat or beef.
  • Shredded cheese. (I always use my favorite- Mexican blend)
  • Jalapeno (optional)
  • Garlic butter (I actually used the Papa John’s garlic butter)
  • Spices (Pepper, onion powder, meat tenderizer)

20170330_221955 (1)

First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then cut the top off of the peppers so it can be a “bowl” for your feeling. Set them aside.

Cook the ground meat in a skillet until brown and fully cooked. Strain it of all grease.

Inside the peppers, you will put the ground meat, cheese, garlic butter, and spices mixed together.

20170330_224704 (1)

Top it off with cheese and a slice of jalapeno.

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 mins.

Quick. Simple. And delicious!




Product Review: Pop N Sit

The pictures used in this post belong to me. I have taken them myself. I know they aren’t the best pictures, so please bear with me.

Lately, my little one has been moving around more and more. It’s very hard to contain him. Now that he’s eating solids, it’s, even more, a challenge to keep him still. It’s even harder when we go out in public or to a friend’s house.

Just think about trying to feed an infant in one hand and eat with the other. It’s a nightmare, for you at least.

So, my husband found this neat little contraption on Amazon that looked like a fold up beach chair but only really small for an infant. How cute is that?! It came with a detachable tray and seat belt straps!

Don’t you just love Amazon?!? We usually buy a lot of our things on Amazon because it’s convenient and usually have good prices! Also, we are Amazon Prime members which are great for the free 2-day shipping for qualifying items!


I didn’t know how much I would really like the thing until I tried it out. It came within 2 days (Thanks, Amazon Prime!). And it didn’t take much assembly to put it together. Just unfold the chair and slide the tray on until it clicks! That’s it!
My 7 month old seemed to love it! I think it was because he felt like a big boy! He can finally sit at a table like his big brother. And it made feeding so much easier for me! Still messy but easier!20170805_195856

I love so much that it’s portable and fits in a compact carrying bag. I can take it anywhere! It straps to the back of a regular adult chair so it acts as a carry-along highchair. It’s built with the same material as the big adult ones and it’s pretty sturdy and durable.

My only con about this product is the seat belt straps. They are hard to unclasp. I guess I’m not used to them yet.

I’m completely satisfied with this product and I would highly recommend to anyone especially if they are on the go a lot! And for the price, it’s worth the buy!