A little about me!

Hey there! I’m Jayivey and this is my blog!

I’m an art mommy of two boys plus four stepsons. I am absolutely nuts about coffee and food! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation and Media Arts so you might see a few doodles here and there.


I’m hoping this will motivate me into doing more art. Of course, with little kids, it can be hard to find enough time to do everything because there’s just not enough time in a day!

On a normal day, you’ll find me not starting my day until I had 2 cups of coffee in my favorite Sailor Moon mug. Sometimes, I don’t eat breakfast which is kind of unfortunate because I LOVE breakfast!

I have a very active toddler and a very laid back infant who is moving quite fast to keep up with big bro, I assume. Between the both of them, they keep me very busy and I often wonder how women with twins or triplets even breathe! But we have a lot of fun and I love every minute of it!

After working countless dead-end jobs and plain old just-not-believing-in-myself, I’ve decided this year, I’m going to do something a little different. So, why not give this blogging thing a shot? I use to have a blog back before blogging wasn’t really cool. No, seriously, I used to blog before you could really make it into a profitable business. I developed quite a following but at the time, it was just writing for fun. It was like an online diary for me and a lot of people ask me for dating advice. Great outlet to have in college. Keeping me sane throughout college and relationships. So, while I’m currently a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), I have a little time to write (when the kids are sleeping, of course.)

I met my wonderful husband at work. Funny thing is we both weren’t looking for a mate. We were both in really bad relationships and wanted out. Talking to him was not only fun but therapeutic. Eventually, after leaving my job and toxic relationship, we fell in love over margaritas and the rest is history.

I enjoy coffee, food, cooking, drawing, graphic design, videography, finding new places, trying new things, music, comics, cartoons, long naps at the park, wine and margaritas! Phew! That’s a lot! On top of all that, I love spending time with my family and learning new things.

I love to sleep, which in some cases, isn’t a great thing but it also doesn’t help that I am a night owl. I have a weird yet dark sense of humor at times, but I also cry watching dramas. I love holidays and when meeting new people though I can be pretty awkward.

I like to cook and I love to eat! So I will post different things I cook with the recipes or recipes I try with my spin on it! Or when I go out to restaurants and coffee shops around town, I’ll have my recommendations. After all, Atlanta is the perfect city for a foodie!

I have the hardest time writing “about me” because what can you really say about you that’s not too “braggy”? So, I hope no one will take this as me being “braggy”.

I’ve had friends and strangers ask me for advice in the past about relationships which I felt honored that anyone would ask me what I think. I’m currently married to a guy who’s a little older than I and also of a different racial background than myself.

So maybe through my blog post I can help some, inspire a few and if none of the above, at the very least, I hope someone would get a good chuckle.

Enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback! I love making new friends! 20170929_185225Yep, that’s me. Always drinking and driving…. coffee that is. 😉